Stress-Free Holiday Shopping!

October 28, 2016

Between crowded lines and stress-induced short tempers, grocery shopping during the holidays can turn into an anxious disaster. It's bad enough trying to coordinate tasks, family events, and vacations - let alone planning for dinners and parties. Holiday shopping doesn't have to be a nightmare. Take our advice, we've been in the grocery industry for a while (and we've pretty much seen it all!) 


First and foremost...


1. Shop kid-free


Listening to the word "no" every 5 minutes will most likely hinder rather than help. Your main focus should be buying the items you came to shop for. To avoid frustration and a cart full of random unwanted products, leave the kiddies home with Grandma!


2. Avoid peak-hours


There's nothing worse then spending time at the grocery store, and when you're ready to leave, spending more time in a 10-person line. If you're already running on a short fuse, this tip (and trip) is an essential tool. Hold off until early mornings, week-days, afternoons, and late nights.  


3. Utilize promotions and coupons


Sign up for weekly emails, check out the ads, engage in discounts that are offered, and even get involved in social media contests or sweepstakes. The reason grocery stores have these options is to benefit guests. You would be surprised how much it could actually save you at the end of the month. $5-10 adds up!


4. Shop online


Most grocery stores offer the option to shop online, create grocery lists, and set up pick-up days & times. This can be really beneficial when working long hours and trying to avoid peak-hours. Planning ahead for the items you know you will need like bread, eggs, and milk can save time and energy. An absolute MUST during the holidays. 


5. Don't browse. Stick to the necessities!


We've all been told not to shop on an empty stomach, but it's just as bad as shopping when you're not on a mission! Make a list & check it twice. A great tip is to walk around the house with your list and add all the essentials you spot. Avoid browsing even if you have the time. Stick to what you NEED not what you WANT - get in & get out!


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