Graduation - Let Us Help!

May 1, 2017

Graduation is a huge milestone. No matter what it's for, graduating is a major life event that should be celebrated! 



Whether you've been the support for someone during these tough times, or you're throwing the party for yourself - we want you to know that there's no need to fret or worry because we've got your back! 


Let's just be glad the all-nighters, never-ending study sessions, group projects, quad espresso-filled cups, bad diets and lack of sleep are over! You must be sighing at relief & taking a few breaths of fresh air. We want to celebrate with you, and make that special day SO much easier. Since you've been stressed for last couple years, don't stress about the party. It's a PARTY!


Take these tips & have yourself a grand ole' time. 


To learn more about our catering, and what we offer here in the store. Visit


Easy Graduation Dishes


 Thai Meatball Mania Appetizer


Can't pass up these tasty meatballs! So much flavor & easy to make. Just put them in the slow-cooker with some spices and VIOLA. Done. 


Slow Cooker Nacho Bar


You honestly cannot beat this perfect set up! So many options to eat so many things! Make a taco, pile the toppings, make it spicy - you can't go wrong!



BLT Pasta Salad


Nothing like a little bacon, lettuce, and tomater. In a giant bowl. With mayo. 



Baked Potato Bar


This is absolutely amazing! People LOVE to personalize their BP! Also, it's great for people who have certain allergies and are gluten-free. Tons of options, tons of toppings! 





We can't forget the drinks - or should we say DRANKS.


Raspberry-Lemonade Champagne Punch


Perfect for a celebration with friends. It's light, refreshing & has just enough alcohol to keep you relaxed. Enjoy a glass (or two) and cheers to no more stress!



Perfect Pitcher Margs


Dare we say more? "Margs with the girls" just went up another notch.




Non-Alcoholic Aloha Party Punch


DD? Not drinking? Doesn't really matter! We love this punch because it doesn't need alcohol. 


 Enjoy this beautiful day! Contact your local Busch's for more information about catering.




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