A Taste of Sushi from Japan

August 9, 2017

Sushi is a super fresh dish that is packed full of nutrients.  


The 5 basic types of sushi:


1. Nigiri – thinly sliced raw or cooked fish layered atop a mound of vinegary rice.


2. Sashimi – sliced fish, served without rice or other ingredients.


3. Maki – fish, vegetables, and sushi rice layered atop one another, then rolled up in a sheet of seaweed.


4. Uramaki – Rice is on the outside of the roll with the ingredients on the inside.


5. Temaki – fish, vegetables, and sushi rice formed by hand, giving it a cone-shaped appearance.






1. When eating nigiri, turn the roll upside-down when dipping it in soy sauce to avoid absorbing too much into the rice.


2. The green paste that comes on the side is wasabi, and is typically mixed with shoyu (soy sauce) as a dipping sauce for your sushi. (A heads up: It’s spicy!)


3. In Japanese, nigiri translates to “two fingers,” which refers to the size of the rice portion.


4. Maki is commonly called sushi roll.


5. To roll a sushi perfectly, you need 10 years of training. A sushi chef is trained extensively for 2 years about the nuances of handling Sushi.


6. Sushi is supposed to be eaten with the hands. Chopsticks are typically used to eat sashimi – slices of fish.


7. Slurping noodles is considered evidence of enjoying the meal and enhances the flavor.










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