Why Shopping Local Means So Much More

April 23, 2018


Shopping local has numerous amounts of awesome benefits. Not only does buying from your neighborhood market FEEL great, it’s good for the environment, economy & community. Here at Busch’s, we thrive on the warmth of our friendly guests, who we consider family. We’re proud to be a part of a unique vibe, where our loyal guests and partners work together to lend a helping hand.




Here are the reasons we’ve found why shopping local is way cooler than choosing a one of those supermarket chains.


You Will Create a Better Environment


Independent, community-serving businesses like us are people-sized. We typically consume less land, carry more locally-made products, locate closer to residents, and create less traffic and air pollution. Additionally, there is shorter distribution chains for local food and products, which means less food wasted in warehousing and merchandising.



You Strengthen the Economy


Each dollar you spend with us returns almost 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain. Dollars spent with local farms and food producers stay within our local economy. These businesses then create more jobs and are more likely to use banks, media, and advertising in the area. This way, you’re expanding opportunities across the board. And you help our entrepreneurs!



You’re Giving Back to the Community


Busch’s hosts a handful of charity events throughout the year where we give back to local food banks and help those who are less fortunate. Fundraisers such as our Season of Sharing, All aBout Children and various Milk Drives are vital to creating a strong community. So far this year we raised over 53,000 gallons of milk (which is 12 truckloads) to be given to our food banks. Fundraisers like this allow the roots in our community to stay connected and raises money for those who desperately need it, and it feels PRETTY awesome.




You Help Lower the Taxes


More efficient land use and more central locations mean local businesses put less demand on things like roads, sewers, and safety services. Farms also contribute more in taxes than they require in services. The government spends just a fraction of the cost on services for a farm or open space as it does on most urban development. So basically a greater percentage of local, independent businesses keeps your taxes lower.



You Will Taste the Freshness


Our produce, meat, and other products genuinely taste BETTER and FRESHER because they spend less time being transported from farm to plate. Therefore, it loses fewer nutrients and vitamins - essentials our bodies need to survive. When you buy local, you truly taste the difference while gaining a whole new perspective for our regions seasonal varieties.











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